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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What type of embroidery can we do? It Could Happen Embroidery is your source for embroidery on Shirts, Caps, Jackets, Casual Business Wear, Aprons, Baby Blankets, Bibs, and just about anything else that can support a thread and needle.  Our embroidery is for all your needs - business, promotions, family, conventions, sports or golf outings - we will provide it!
  2. How much does embroidery cost? Pricing an embroidery order is a difficult task.  We can tell you that It Could Happen Embroidery offers the highest quality service at a  competitive price.  All designs are quoted based upon estimated stitch count and quantity.  We always offer a firm quotation of price in advance.
  3. Do you have stock designs available? We offer over 8,000 stock designs and 30 lettering typestyles from which you can choose from.  We can also custom create any design you wish.
  4. Do you have a catalog? For the most part, we create designs to your specifications.  However, we also have a stock design catalog containing over 7,000 designs - which  would be difficult to post on the Internet or combine into a single catalog.  If you are interested in a specific topic, we can fax or e-mail you the scanned images from our collection that would best suit your needs for you to choose from.
  5. Can I change colors within stock designs? No problem!  Just tell us what you would like to see, and we can get it done.  We’ll even offer our advice if we foresee a conflict in your color choices and the design layout / background colors.
  6. What colors do I have to choose from? We offer a wide variety of colors and shades of thread.
  7. Do you offer product samples? We can send you a sample embroidery design.  Due to the costs involved in creating and sewing embroidered designs, we cannot offer  speculative samples of your design.  Once a firm order has been received a sample will be manufactured for your approval.
  8. Will I See a Proof of my design? With custom digitized designs we will send you a sewn sample, or scan the sewn sample and E-mail you a picture of the design.
  9. Are design charges applied to every order? No.  Once your design is on file with us, or if you supply us with an embroidery-ready design file on disk, there is no design charge.
  10. Can the same embroidery design be used on different garments? Usually.  But to avoid complications, please tell us what kinds of garments you are considering using the design on in the future if  possible.  This way we can design the stitch file to work on as many of the different applications you have in mind as possible.
  11. What kind of minimum order do we have? We at It Could Happen Embroidery are eager to earn your business and we do accept orders as little as one piece; however, keep  in mind that the unit cost is lower as the quantity increases.
  12. Do you supply the items to be embroidered? Absolutely!  We can supply you with highest quality, name-brand apparel that was made specifically for embroidery.  We can also work  with quality garments you provide.  If you elect to provide goods for embroidery it is wise to send us a sample for inspection since not  every design will sew out the same on every garment; therefore, the design may need to be edited for the outcome to be acceptable  quality embroidery.
  13. What do I need to supply for Artwork? The better the quality of the artwork you provide, the more closely we can match what you are looking for.  We prefer to work with good,  clean full color renditions of the art you want reproduced.  If you have a design that you are happy with, that was previously created by  another embroidery shop, sending us the "tape" (the computer disk that created that design) from that job ensures a perfect reproduction, and lower setup fees.
  14. I have a logo.  What disk formats can you work with? Our computers can read all the major formats, such as .BMP, .TIFF, .PICT, .JPG and .GIF.   We can also work with vector formats of .WMF and .EPS.
  15. How soon will my order be ready? Most orders will be completed within 2 weeks from the day your design is ready and approved by you.  If for some reason your order will  take longer, we will notify you of a possible delay.  We are eager for your business and will go the extra mile to deliver on time.
  16. Do we sell non-embroidered Items? Absolutely!  Most of the garments we sell can be purchased without embroidery.

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